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Spectrum King LED Grow Light 300 LED grow light Series; White Light and Cree technology to Grow Big Indoors

Spectrum King LED the Company:spectrum king logo

The Spectrum King Company employs highly qualified LED professional to design and manufacture LED grow lights.  They have been in the business of designing lighting solutions for more than a decade and during this time, the company has worked to perfect technology.  Spectrum King works to improve technology by testing the newest and most innovative products in the LED marketplace.  This action helps to keep the company at the forefront of cutting edge product development.  Their LED grow light products are tested multiple times in various lighting conditions and sources.  All of this is done so that the consumer can feel confident that Spectrum King will provide LED technology that will effectively and efficiently meet their growing needs.

Reasons to Consider a Spectrum King:

  • Spectrum King offers Full Spectrum White Light to Excite full and robust Plant Growth.
  • Cree LED Branding.
  • Dimmable/Wireless Options.
  • Unit Produces low ambient heat and minimal Heat Signature.
  • Spectrum King LED Grow Lights are Energy Efficient and can save up to 60% in Energy.  Spectrum King LED grow lights can produce adequate light intensity using lesser wattage than HPS lights that often require 1,000 watts to produce a similar light intensity.  In the end, the LED Spectrum King allows the grower to save money on electricity.  Indoor growers also benefit since the Spectrum King units produce lower ambient temperatures which translates into a lower A/C usage and expense.
  • This Spectrum King LED Grow Light Unit has Adjustable and Washable Housing.  The sealed waterproof housing is a key benefit which can save the grower time and money.  Other LED grow lights can get bogged down over time due to fans sucking in bugs, dust, moisture, etc..  Spectrum King’s sealed water proof housing was engineered to avoid this problem.
  • Warranty Available

Spectrum King 300 Series Details:Spectrum-King-LED_300 series

  • Power Consumption – 340 watts
  • LED Initial LUX – 90,000 lux
  • Beam Angle – 60 degree reflector
  • Size of 300 Series LED grow light unit – 18-1/16″ x 12-1/8″ x12-9/16″
  • Net Weight of 300 Series LED grow light unit – 9.2 kg
  • Price of 300 Series LED grow light unit – $995

Additional Specification for Spectrum King 300 Series:

  • Light Source – LEDs
  • Input Voltage – 110V-277V AC
  • Frequency Range – 50~60Hz
  • Replaces – MH/HPS lamps
  • Light Beam Angle – 60 degree, 90 degree, 120 degree available
  • Body Cast Material – Die Cast Aluminum
  • Lifespan – >50,000 hours

Other Features Available upon request:

  • 480V application available
  • Single or three phase power options available
  • Custom Power Cords available
  • Dimming Option available
  • Wireless Smart Control available

How Spectrum King LEDs Encourage Optimal Plant Growth:
Since LED grow lights can be manufactured to provide a variety of light wavelengths, plant growth can be optimized.  basic par graphPlant photosynthesis, the process by which plants use light to synthesize foods from carbon dioxide and water, is prompted primarily by light wavelengths between the range of 400 nanometers and 700 nanometers.  LED grow lights, and the LEDs within, have been designed to create light wavelengths that fall within this range of wavelengths.  This peak range is know as the photosynthetically active radiation range (PAR).  Different LED grow lights are designed to emit different wavelengths and most manufacturers seek to build their grow lights so that they emit the light necessary to spark plant growth in the vegetative and reproductive, or bloom, stages.  HID and fluorescent lights do not have the ability to “tune-in” to these specific wavelength ranges and are therefore less efficient than LED grow lights at optimizing plant growth.

Why is the Full Spectrum Light Technology of Spectrum King Desirable?sun rays and plants

Spectrum King has designed LED grow light technology so that it closely mimics the type of light that is emitted by the sun.  Plants have evolved over an extensive period of time and are appropriately adapted to best benefit from sunlight.  It only makes sense to design an LED grow light with light that closely rivals sunlight.  Spectrum King realized that LED light technology that only produced 2 or 3 wavelengths of light spectra would ultimately produce grow outcomes that were less than optimal since natural light includes spectra, both visible and non-visible.  Spectrum King LED grow lights are designed to consistently produce spectra from 380 to 779 nanometers.  This range includes just about every visible color, as well as wavelengths that are undetectable with the human eye.  Spectrum King believes this type of light is best since it truly mimics the type of light emitted by the sun.

Spectrum King believes Blue and Red Wavelengths are not the Whole Story:PAR graph pic

Research reveals that red and blue light wavelengths are most appropriate for exciting vegetative growth.  Many studies have shown that plants benefit most from light spectra between the wavelengths of 400 and 700 nanometers for photosynthesis and blue and red spectrum wavelengths are absorbed and utilized more by growing plants than other wavelengths. The visible light spectrum consists of light in violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red colors. Red and blue light are very important for indoor grow and thus growers need to utilize a light product that emits this type of light effectively. LEDs can be selected that emit just the right light for a given plant type. Blue and red light emitted by LED grow lights can optimize plant photosynthesis.

Spectrum King acknowledges that blue and red light is most important, but they also believe that productively growing plants need to “photo-respirate.”  Spectrum King believes that when plants become heated by intense yellow light, the stomata on the leaf surfaces open up and allows photo-respiration to occur.  Spectrum King believes that when plants are undergoing the process of photo-respiration, they want to drink in nutrients just as humans want to drink in water when they physically work hard.  This understanding is why Spectrum King believes it’s LED grow lights outperform the competition.  The Spectrum King LED grow lights are designed to provide the intense yellow light that promotes photo-respiration.  Once this happens, the blue and red light wavelengths can really do their jobs and the plants can absorb more nutrients from the process.  Spectrum King reports that LED grow lights that do not excite photo-respiration may end up supporting plants that ultimately produce a weaker yield.  Since Spectrum King LEDs are designed to emit white light that includes intense yellow light, photo-respiration is activated, plants absorb more nutrients, and plant yields are ultimately better.


  • Cree LED manufacturer utilized in the Spectrum King grow light technology.
  • High Intensity white light emitted by LED grow light units.
  • Spectrum King grow light units put through comprehensive testing process.
  • Spectrum King grow lights are UL listed (UL=Underwriters Laboratories) and IP rated to work safely


  • The number one con with the Spectrum King is the list price.  At just under $1,000, the Spectrum King 300 series LED grow light is priced out of many indoor growers’ budgets.  Given the list of LED grow lights reviewed here, the Spectrum King LED grow light is in a price class of its own.

Time to Decide:thinking2

A top priority for most growers pertains to light quality and the spectrum of light emitted.  The Spectrum King 300 series provides the type of light that is research proven to successfully and efficiently grow plants that produce healthy and robust yields.  Spectrum King establishes itself as an LED grow light contender on the idea that the white light that their units emit is more intense than other lights that only emit red and blue light wavelengths.  As far as Spectrum King is concerned, more is better when it comes to the spectra of light emitted by their grow lights.  This grow light comes at a high price, but it also emits intense light that can excite plant growth.  If the Spectrum King 300 series falls into your budget, then it may be the best LED grow light for you.  The Spectrum King can definitely help you to grow big at home!









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