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OxyLED 216 Watt LED grow light; Best LED grow light Review; Red, Blue, White and UV light supports indoor plant growth

LED Grow Light Overview:OxyLED 216Watt

Growing plants indoors can be a challenge and so utilizing LED grow lights to support this process is a great benefit.  More and more indoor growers are choosing to grow with LED grow lights for the first time, and a vast majority are transitioning from a traditional HPS to the more technologically advanced LED.  Whether you are growing fruits, vegetables, or flowers, an LED grow light will help you to grow it in an effective and efficient manner.  The OxyLED 216 watt grow light is designed to help the novice, to the more skilled, indoor grower provide a research based recipe of light that will help plants optimize healthy growth.  The 216 watts of potential power consumption, paired with proportional amounts of red, blue, UV and white light, will support plant growth during all stages.  The light emitted is broad based and utilized to cover the photosynthetically active radiation zone or PAR.  Wavelengths in the PAR zone excite plant growth and the OxyLED grow light is designed to radiate this specific spectra.  Throughout the rest of this comprehensive LED grow light review, detailed data will be presented so that you can determine if the OxyLED 216 watt grow light is the best LED grow light for your growing needs.

OxyLED 216 watt Product Specifications:oxyled 216

  • Brand – OxyLED
  • Model – OH-GL-21601
  • Wattage for the OxyLED is 216 watts
  • LED ChipSet – 3W
  • Chip Type – Epileds TW
  • Beam Angle – 60 degrees
  • Coverage Area recommended for the OxyLED 216 watt is 3′ x 2′
  • Number of LEDs is 72 x 3watt
  • Product Dimensions – 11.8″ x 11.8″ x 2.4″
  • Weight – 4.5kg
  • Lifespan – the OxyLED is rated for 50,000 hours
  • Heat dissipation is aided by the cooling fans and the aluminum board design
  • Grow Stages – the OxyLED has been successfully tested during the germinating, growing, vegetative and flowering stages
  • Wavelengths integrated into the LED design include red, blue, UV and white
  • Proportions of Wavelengths – 620~630nm 45pcs, 640~660nm 8pcs, 460~475nm 10pcs, 405~415nm 4pcs, 6000~6500K 5pcs
  • warranty – included
  • Grow Light Package includes 1 x LED grow light, 1 x power cord, 1 x extension cord, 1 x hanging kit

LED Chip Manufacturer:epiled logo

The OxyLED 216W LED grow light contains Epileds inside.  According to the Epileds website, the chips are featured with high efficacy, low power consumption, a long life expectancy and a full wavelength range from 380nm to 850nm.  Epi LEDs Co. Ltd. was established in June of 2006.  The company is approved by the National Science Council and is located in Tainan Science Park.

OxyLED Product Features:conclusion

  • Full spectrum grow light designed to cover both the vegetative and flowering growth stages during plant development.
  • Broad Wavelength Range – The light emitted covers the photosynthetic active radiation zone.
  • Light Wavelengths – The OxyLED is designed to emit red, blue, UV and white light.
  • Cooling fans are included in the OxyLED unit to keep the unit running at an optimal temperature.
  • Heat dissipation is facilitated by the exclusive aluminum board design, as well as the integrated fan system.
  • Grow system type – the OxyLED can be utilized for soil based or hydroponic growing
  • Daisy Chain compatible so the grower can increase power, light and light footprint
  • Warranty – a two year warranty is included when the 216w OxyLED grow light is purchased.
  • Unit utilizes 3W LEDs as opposed to 1W LEDs.  The 3W LED chips can provide better, more effective light penetration over grow lights that utilize only 1W LEDs.
  • Plug in ready right out of the box!

 Specific Light Wavelengths emitted by the OxyLED grow light:light wavelength PAR

Chlorophyll, which is the most abundant plant pigment, is efficient in capturing red and blue light.  LED grow lights that emit this type of light provide an appropriate “light recipe” which optimizes the plant photosynthetic process.

The OxyLED 216 watt grow light emits red, blue, UV and white light wavelengths.  The specific wavelengths include, red: 620~630nm, 640~660nm, blue: 460~475nm, UV 405~415, white: 6000~6500K.

Plants absorb the energy from the LED light efficiently in order to excite the process of photosynthesis so plants can synthesize food.  The OxyLED grow light proportions the light wavelengths in order to present the proper amount of light that is research proven to best support the photosynthetic process.  Giving plants these specific wavelengths is one way that the OxyLED can run effectively and efficiently.

OxyLED Wavelength Proportions and Benefits:PAR graph pic

  • red 620nm~630nm 45pcs – red light is utilized to encourage blossom and fruit.  Red light wavelengths help to maximize chlorophyll absorption and these wavelengths are necessary for the bloom stage of plant growth.  The red range significantly supports plant photosynthesis and helps the indoor grower achieve a successful yield.
  • red 640nm~660nm 8pcs – the red and deep red wavelengths help to maximize chlorophyll absorption and are necessary for flowering and bloom stage during plant growth.  Once again, these wavelengths support a healthy and abundant flowering and yield.
  • blue 460nm~475nm 10pcs- the royal blue range of light wavelengths promotes photosynthesis and encourages vegetative growth.  These wavelengths support dense plant growth during the vegetative grow stage.
  • UV 405nm~415 4pcs-  some of this range covers the purple/blue range and works to enhance the photosynthetic process while supporting the vegetative growth stage.  The lower end is approaching the UV light range which can encourage coloring and thickening of plant leaf.  UV is part of the full spectra light emitted by the sun and although it is not needed in abundance, it can benefit by supporting well rounded plant development.
  • white 6000~65000K 5pcs- this light is considered to be in the cool white range and it can support stem development, leaf expansion and vegetative growth.  Cool white LEDs can be electrically efficient and can be an added bonus for an LED grow light.  Not all grow lights incorporate white light as part of their proportional “light recipe” and so the fact that the OxyLED emits this light is a bonus that an indoor grower can’t get with all grow lights.

Pros and Cons of the OxyLED 216 watt LED grow light:check check check


  • Light wavelengths emitted by this LED grow light cover the research based range of wavelengths that plants need most.  The OxyLED emits red and blue proportionally and this is very important to the vegetative and flowering stages of plant growth.
  • Lifespan of LEDs is much longer than other traditional grow lights.  This unit’s LEDs are rated for at least 50,000 hours.  The long term lifespan is just one factor that will help an indoor grower save money over the long run.  LED lights run much longer than a compact fluorescent or HPS.
  • Power consumption of LEDs is much less than power consumption of other traditional grow lights.  Indoor growers will begin to see the savings add up as the power usage goes down.
  • Since the OxyLED runs cooler than other traditional grow lights, like HPS, less money must be invested in cooling.  Additional fans and ventilation are not necessary in order to maintain the proper environmental temperatures.
  • An added bonus of running LED grow light technology is avoiding a heat signature.  The heat signature of an LED grow light is near zero.
  • OxyLED unit integrates 3W LED chip which facilitates product efficiency.
  • Flexible Placement is possible since LED lights produce much less heat.  An indoor grower can feel more free to grow in a smaller space without having to worry about heat build-up.


  • the wattage on the OxyLED 216W grow light is on the lower end but it is still beneficial for the novice to the mid-range indoor gardener.  The grower just needs to keep in mind that once you begin to set plants outside of the optimal light footprint zone, the light’s ability to efficiently stimulate dense plant growth and bloom greatly diminishes.

Time to Consider the OxyLED 216 watt grow light:thinking2

The OxyLED is an LED grow light that can be used by the novice to more experienced indoor grower.  It is a light that emits a comprehensive blend of wavelengths that is engineered to mimic the type of light that plants would receive naturally from the sun.  It is proportionally heavy on red and blue wavelengths which are research proven to support healthy plant growth.  This LED grow light comes with formulated diode ratios to effectively mimic the photosynthetic action radiation needed for plant growth.  The unit is relatively small and efficiently designed to fit into tighter spots that an indoor grower will find beneficial.  The OxyLED is a grow light to be used with several small plants and if that is what you have planned, then this light could fit your needs.  The goal of this LED grow light review is to help you better understand relevant product details and specifications regarding the OxyLED grow light.  My hope is that you can take this information and use it to select the best led grow light that helps you to grow big at home!

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