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Lush Lighting Lumenator 2x LED Grow Light Review; 180 Watts of LED Power Helps Growers Produce Better Yields Indoors


Lush Lighting the Company:lush lighting logo

Lush Lighting research, with incorporates study in the fields of biochemistry and engineering, has been conducted with the sole purpose of producing an LED grow light that can grow bigger, better and more potent crops.  The company reports that all of their grow lights are endorsed by the Oaksterdam University.  The University has been training people to be experts that can support and better the grow industry.  Lush Lighting has been working to better its LED technology since 2007.  The company utilizes the high output LEDs that are incorporated into a unit that runs an efficient and reliable power driver.  Lush Lighting is a trusted source and offers a 90 day Satisfaction Guarantee on all of its products.  A three month satisfaction guarantee and a three year warranty shows that the company has great confidence in its products!  The below LED grow light review will give you a comprehensive look at one of the popular LED grow light units offered by Lush.

The Lush Lighting Lumenator 2x LED Grow Light:

lumenator 2xThe Lumenator 2x is efficiently built and rectangular in shape.  It is able to fit into relatively tight spots which is great for an indoor grower with minimal space available for growing.  It integrates 90 high intensity 3 watt LEDs and pumps out 180 watts of power.  It is great for the indoor grower looking to get a positively potent yield in an indoor grow setting.  Lush Lighting promotes this LED grow light for the beginner growers market.

The Lumenator is a high intensity LED grow light and emits light that supports all stages of plant growth. The Lumenator 2x can support cloning and growing, and is built to finish off the job during flowering.   The technology in the light is designed to excite high energy photons to boost photosynthesis and ultimately increase the overall chemical energy that plants can naturally create.  Lush relays that the Lumentor 2x will increase the weight of your plant yield and increase the potency of the yield.

Primary specifications are as follows:

  • 180 watts of power
  • 90 x 3 watt high intensity LEDs integrated
  • max light coverage area is 3′ x 3′check check check
  • intensified light coverage area is 2′ x 2′
  • plant grow stages – supports vegetative and flowering
  • light wavelengths – ultraviolet light range through the infrared light range
  • light angle – 90 degree 2x
  • power – 60 Hz / 180 watts
  • product dimensions: 15 3/4″ x 2 1/2″ x 8 1/2″
  • product weight: 7.2 pounds
  • hanging kit – included
  • warranty – available

Distance and Lumens Values:

  • 85,000 Lumens at a distance of 12 inches
  • 55,000 Lumens at a distance of 18 inches
  • 39,000 Lumens at a distance of 24 inches
  • 28,000 Lumens at a distance of 30 inches
  • 20,000 Lumens at a distance of 36 inches

Features of the Lush Lighting Lumenator 2x LED Grow Light:

  • Lumenator 2x has 180 watt LED power that is designed to replace a top of the line 600 watt HPSefficiency
  • unit’s rated lifetime expectancy is 50,000 hours
  • easy power-on and grow which allows for quick set-up
  • double lens design refocuses light and reduces the need for additional reflecting materials
  • can be utilized for all stages of plant growth
  • LEDs emit minimal heat which greatly diminishes the need for cooling fans and additional installation of extra ventilation
  • minimal heat production greatly diminishes risk of overheating
  • product is Mercury free and environmentally friendly
  • constructed from tempered steel and built to last
  • slender design fits efficiently into small growing area
  • mounting hardware included
  • 3 year manufacturer warranty
  • 90 day money back guarantee

Lush Lighting Research:

conclusionThe Lush Lighting grow lights are unique in that the company has designed them based on specific research on all phases of plant growth from root development, to vegetation, to flowering and blooming.  The light that the Lush Lighting grow lights emit is engineered to closely mimic the natural sunlight by providing a perfect blend of color spectrums aimed at optimizing the plant’s chemical energy and photosynthetic process.  Lush Lighting research has enabled the company to create an LED grow light that can increase a plant’s chlorophyll production and allow the plant to transfer energy more efficiently compared to other lighting products.

The Lush Lighting research has keyed in on specific light wavelengths.  Lush has identified that P680 represents the chlorophyll cell that can absorb light up to 680nm.  Although this is not necessarily new news, many research studies have revealed that plants benefit most from the wavelengths of light between 400 nanometers and 700 nanometers.  Lush highlights key wavelengths that their research has shown to be most effective at exciting photosynthesis in plants.  It is a bonus to know that the Lush Lighting team is working hard to understand the photosynthetic catalytic cycle.  Not all LED grow light companies push for additional understandings like Lush does.

Lush LED light technology utilizes yellow, orange, and light blue color spectrums to enhance plant photosynthesis and provide growers with the opportunity to grow larger quantities of the highest quality produce.

90 Day Guarantee and Satisfaction Guarantee:

cost down efficiency upLush Lighting provides a 90 day guarantee on all of its products and even offers a satisfaction guarantee on all Lush Lighting grow lights.  This is separate from the standard three year warranty and represents another reason to feel comfortable with Lush Lighting technology.  The company is confident enough to not only offer a three year warranty on its products, but goes above and beyond to offer additional checks and balances.

The 90 Day Guarantee gives a grower a three month trial period to utilize the Lush Lighting LED grow light which should be long enough to grow through one cycle of plants from start to finish.  Lush believes that once you grow though one cycle with your plants using Lush LED technology, you will see that your yield will be larger and more nutritious than they would have been otherwise if using other LED grow lights on the market right now.

If you are not satisfied, return the unit in its original packaging in “as new” condition and include a proof of purchase date.  Keep in mind that the satisfaction guarantee return is subject to a restocking fee that is 15 percent, and can be up to 40 percent if the condition of the unit being returned is not in “like new” condition.

Warranty for Lush Lighting LED Grow Lights:

warrantyThe Lush Lighting warranty is a three year warranty that protects against defective materials and/or workmanship.  Lush Lighting will replace or repair for defective parts.  Lush will respond to defects and repair within 14 calendar days Any LEDs that require repair within the first 90 days are replaced with new lights.

Pros and Cons of the Lush Lighting Lumenator 2x:


  • LED technology is energy efficient and saves a grower money
  • LED technology utilizes the specific light wavelengths that research shows excites plant photosynthesis
  • Lush Lighting warranty and satisfaction guarantee
  • Lumenator 2x design is efficient which allows the LED grow light to fit almost anywhere a grower wants
  • LED lights do not generally overheat and thus save a grower money on cooling and ventilation systems


  • The price of LED technology can act as a deterrent for some and given the Lumenator’s price of just under $600, the Lumenator 2x might fall out of the price range that some growers are willing to spend on an LED grow light.  Given the collection of grow lights listed for review on this site’s main page, the Lush Lighting Lumenator 2x list-price falls in the more expensive tier of lights.  As with all LED technology, initial cost of an LED grow light can be offset relatively quickly with money saved on cooling, ventilation, energy savings and unit lifespan

Time to Consider the LED Grow Light Possibilities:

Lush Lighting Technology has a lot to offer.  The Lumenator 2x LED grow light offers an indoor grower a chance to utilize a well researched and well made LED grow light that can run more efficiently than HPS alternatives and provides a specific light recipe designed to support a plant’s growth during vegetative and flowering stages.  The wavelengths emitted cover the active radiation spectrum of wavelengths that research shows is most effective at promoting proper plant photosynthesis.  The Lush Lighting Unites are competitively priced and come with a three year warranty.  The Lumenator 2x is a great unit for the indoor grower looking to get a larger, more potent, yield in a confined amount of space.  The Lumenator 2x can help an indoor grower start to grow big at home!thinking2

Other Lush Lighting LED Grow Lights:

LED Lush Lighting presents several categories of LED grow lights.  They include:

  • Double Lens Series LED Grow Lights
    • Dominator 2x XL
    • Dominator 2x
    • Herbal Vador 2x
    • Lumenator 2x
    • Vegetator 2x
  • Single Lens Series LED Grow Lights
    • Dominator XL
    • Dominator
    • Herbal Vador
    • Vegetator
  • Medicinal LED Grow Lights
    • Dominator 2x XL
    • Dominator XL
    • Dominator 2x
    • Dominator
    • Lumenator 2x
    • Lumenator
  • Horticultural LED Grow Lights
    • Herbal Vador
    • Herbal Vador 2x
    • Vegetator 2x
    • Vegetator


For additional information on the best LED grow light reviews, see the main table here.


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