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LED Grow Light Popularity is on the Rise; LED Grow Light Innovations and Applications Lead the Way

LED Light Technology News:

As LED light technology improves, so too does the interest in the applications.  According to a recent analysis by MarketWatch, the LED grow light market is growing in noteworthy fashion and the outlook over the next handful of years is promising as well.  LED grow light technology is making the process of growing indoors more efficient and growers are able to be more effective because of the technology.  The benefits are numerous.

LED grow lights are efficient at producing the right light wavelengths and this benefit is a primary reason that the technology can be so useful.   The color of  light can be manipulated by variables associated with the composition and arrangement of the  LED technology.  The ability to “tune-in” to various aspects of the light spectrum is one very significant benefit of LED grow light technology.  Research has shown that plants grow best when they enjoy the right wavelength of light during appropriate stages of the grow process.  LED grow lights are able to provide the type of light that supports plant growth during the most appropriate developmental stages.  The recent analysis in MarketWatch reveals additional details regarding the popularity of LED grow lights.

For an increasing number of reasons, growers are deciding to produce food in a controlled environment using LEDs as a substitute for sunlight or other grow light types.  New innovations and applications within the LED sector are making the production cycle and yield outcomes more efficient and this aspect is attracting more attention daily.  The vertical and commercial farming techniques that incorporate LED grow light technology are gaining popularity which is broadening the LED grow light market overall.  According to a recent MarketWatch analysis, vertical farming is expected to be the fastest growing application in the LED grow light market with a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 30.29 percent from 2015 to 2020.  MarketWatch reports that this application is expected to reach a value of over 400 million by 2020.  Also, the commercial greenhouse application will hold the largest share in the LED grow light market in 2015 and is expected to continue to maintain a strong position during the next five years.  It appears, according to the numbers listed by MarketWatch, that the LED grow light market will remain dominant over the next five years.  The innovations and applications of the LED grow light sector will help to place the technology at the forefront of the grow light marketplace.

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