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Kessil H380 LED Grow Light Product Review; Switch between Wavelengths with Kessil’s Full Spectrum Technology


The Kessil H380 Spectral Halo II LED Grow Light Product:Kessil 380

The H380 LED Full Spectrum Grow Light is one of the top LED grow lights that Kessil offers.  This light has a 90 Watt power consumption and pumps out full spectrum light that includes wavelengths in the magenta and purple spectrum, which Kessil lists as a proprietary spectrum.  Additionally, UV chips are included to enhance the full light spectrum.  One primary reason that this light is Kessil’s most advanced, is due to the control knob capability located on the back of the light.  This control knob allows the user to tune in to the different wavelengths, or colors, of light so that the grower can be in better control of the light emitted during the entire grow process.  Another addition that makes the H380 stand out over previous Kessil models is the inclusion of the UV chips.  UV light is emitted in addition to the other spectrum wavelengths to enhance the light quality and make the light emitted more like the natural light that a plant would receive from the sun.  Kessil reports that four of the H380s would replace a 1000W HID grow light.  So, if your doing the quick math, one H380 should match up to 250W of HID light.  A big selling point for the Kessil H380 is that, due to its ability to switch between two proprietary spectrums, it is like two lights in one.  It has the power to support the vegetative and the bloom stage of a plant’s grow process with the turn of a dial.  Versatility and grower control is a key aspect of the Kessil H380 LED grow light and is what makes this model stand out over other models that Kessil has offered.

This LED grow light review is written in a comprehensive manner and will provide you with an extensive amount of information on the product so that you can make an informed decision when searching for the best LED grow light on the market.

All About Kessil:Kessil logo

Kessil is a U.S.based company that originated in the San Francisco Bay Area when three graduates of UC Berkley decided to join forces to develop better lighting for indoor growing.   The company calls on the strength of LED platform technology developed by DiCon Fiberoptics Inc.  Kessil officially came together as a company in 2009, backed financially by DiCon, with the intent and goal of developing dense matrix LED technology designed with the ability to emit a variety of spectrums.  Since Kessil is a business division of DiCon, it benefits from the business know-how and light technology understanding on which its parent company built a foundation.  Kessil believes that its LED grow light is smarter, cooler, and brighter than grow lights developed by the competition.  The ultimate goal for Kessil was to develop an LED grow light that is distinctly different than all the others.  Kessil focused on developing technology to better the mechanical, electrical, thermal, and optical aspects of the LED grow light.  Since Kessil and DiCon LED are connected to the same parent company, Kessil believes that it can develop and integrate the new technology more effectively and efficiently than the competition, and this is ultimately why Kessil believes it will always be ahead of the competition.

LED technology utilized in Kessil LED Grow Lights supported by DiCon:

DiCon has been in business and has approximately 25 years of research and development under its belt.  During this time, DiCon has specialized in the development of products that support the DiCon logodefense/military and biomedical sectors.  About 15 years ago, DiCon began to invest more heavily into the research and development of LED technology and has since worked to perfect its proprietary high density LED array.  DiCon LED supports the development of Kessil LED grow light technology.

Kessil H380 LED Spectral Halo II Specialty:

The Kessil H380 grow light allows indoor growers to tune in to a specific type of light during a specific stage of a plant’s grow process.  Since the region Kessil H380 image2of visible light between 380 nm and 750nm is considered by many to be a very effective and appropriate light type to encourage active plant photosynthesis, the ability to tune in to these different wavelengths during different stages of a plant’s development is quite beneficial.  Many growers like having this control as they can fine tune their grow process and make it more individualized.  As most growers know, the more you grow, the more you fine tune your behaviors.  In the end, the Kessil H380, allows growers to individualize their specific grow process to reach yields that other growers have trouble achieving.  This is a primary reason the Kessil H380 stands out from others.  Kessil believes that giving growers more control over the type of light that their grow light emits will ultimately lead to better vegetative growth and yield.   Additionally, the Kessil H380 light is designed to emit a unique full spectrum blend that includes UV light as well as wavelengths that support specific phases (vegetative and bloom) of a plant’s grow process.H380_dial  The Kessil H380 includes wavelengths in the extreme purple and extreme magenta ranges.  The extreme purple range is included to support a plant’s grow phase. Kessil contends that the extreme purple proprietary blend helps plants to develop in a thick and lush manner which adds to the overall health of the plant.  Additionally, Kessil includes the H380’s proprietary magenta blend to support the bloom stage and ultimately enhance the quality and quantity of the yield.  As an added bonus to this light, the full spectrum is enhanced by the addition of UV chips which add light wavelengths that mimic that of the sun.  Kessil’s “blend” of light is proprietary and another reason that the company believes its light will stand out from others.  The light blend works to excite the photosynthetic pigments that activate in plants to support healthy growth.   The Kessil H380 retails at just under $300.

Kessil H380 LED Grow Light Product Specifics:

  • Power Consumption – 90W Max
  • Power Supply – 100-240V AC (input) / 19 VDC,4.74A (output)conclusion
  • Light – Full Spectrum Blend
  • UV chips – integrated
  • Spectral Range – Tuning Control Capable
  • Growth Stage – Vegetative and Bloom Stages
    • the Kessil H380 is capable of tuning in to several wavelengths to enhance different stages of the plant’s grow process
  • Extreme Purple Light – Grow Enhancer
  • Extreme Magenta Light – Bloom Enhancer
  • Light Coverage – 24″ surface diameter by 3′ average penetration
  • Dimensions of H380 – 4.5″ x 4 (Length and Diameter)
  • Power Cord – Included
  • Warranty – Available

Pros and Cons of the Kessile H380 LED Grow Light:


  • Light: Full Spectrum Blend that includes UV chipscheck check check
  • Size – efficiently built and able to fit into tight grow room scenarios
  • Grow Stages – Light supports Vegetative and Flowering stages
  • Wavelengths – Able to be switched between two proprietary spectrums
  • Wavelength Mix – Promotes fuller development through plant’s life
  • Beam – Focused light allowing light to penetrate into canopy of the plant
  • Function – Easy to Handle and Operate
  • Efficiency – LED Technology saves energy and money versus HIDs
  • Warranty – Available


  • Focused light can enhance penetration into canopy, but it can also minimize the footprint of the light emitted – be sure to understand the light coverage area prior to making any grow light purchase – most grow light companies will work with the buyer to review their specific grow situation and provide insight into the number of lights that will be  necessary to adequately cover the specific plant grow area


the talkThe general perception is that the Kessil H380 works as advertised and users are happy with the light tuning ability and with the light beam penetration.  The focal power and intensity of the light beam is a big talking point.  Buyers need to keep in mind that the beam angle is focused which can enhance the penetration of light into a plant’s canopy, but may limit the overall light footprint or coverage area.

GrowersHouse tested the Kessil H380 and found the light emitted by the H380 was very intense in a 2’x2′ area.  The light intensity values began to drop given a 3’x3′ area of coverage.  This data appears to fall in line with the specifications that Kessil provides to the public.  According to Kessil, the H380 emits light that covers an area of 24″ in diameter and has an average penetration of 3′ into the plant’s canopy.

Although other Kessil grow light models exist and are listed below, most that have tried the H380 suggest that a grower should go straight to the H380.  The H380 is the most effective and efficient model and is a favorite for those that have experience with the previous models offered by Kessil.

Other Kessil LED Grow Light Products Available:Kessil logo

  • Kessil H150 LED Grow Light – rivals the light intensity of a 150 watt HPS bulb – the H150 can include red and blue light emitting LED chips – several variations exist that emphasize vegetative or flowering stages
  • Kessil H350 LED Grow Light – rivals the light intensity of a 350 watt HPS bulb – the H350 can include red and blue light emitting LED chips – two variations of the H350 exist with one emphasizing vegetative growth and one emphasizing flowering enhancement
  • Kessil H380 LED Grow Light – the product of this review


Check out this H380 Video Review: 



thinking2The Kessil H380 is an upgrade for Kessil in that it has worked to expand the coverage area of light emitted by the model and has integrated a full spectrum LED matrix that includes UV chip technology.   This light is the most well rounded light that Kessil has produced and although it is a bit more expensive than the previous models, it has more to offer.   The spectrum tuner allows the grower to have more control over the entire grow process, which increases overall efficiency during the grow process.  It is simple to use and ultimately simplifies the job of supporting plant growth indoors with a grow light.  No boosters are needed, this light was designed to take care of that job on its own.  It seems clear that the Kessil H380 LED grow light is the best model that Kessil currently offers.  I hope that this LED grow light review helps you to make an educated decision during your search for a top LED grow light.  Once you find the best LED grow light that suits your individual needs, it will be time to grow big at home.  Good Luck! you decide


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  • Lynn Kenyon December 21, 2015, 6:12 am

    Have had h380 almost 1 month now at this point iam convinced.makes my plants grow completely different than hid lights.I prbly never go back to hid.

    • Lynn Kenyon December 21, 2015, 6:16 am

      I have never seen anything like it in my life the growth is unbelievable. Kessil h380 is by far the most superior light I have ever used.

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