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Heliospectra Hits it Big In Las Vegas; LED Grow Light Installation Attracts Attention around the World

Heliospectra LED Grow Light Technology News:

Heliospectra is a primary developer of LED grow light technology and that seeks to optimize grow lights to grow crops that look better, taste better, and last longer.  The company aims to produce LED technology that grows plants in a highly efficient manner by utilizing smart technology designed to intelligently adapt lighting to the needs of plants.  Heliospectra remains in the headlines for its ability to use innovative methods to grow plants.

In a relatively recent study done at the University of Akron, Heliospectra’s grow light units showed very favorable results.  Outcomes revealed that the Heliospectra grow light unit produced measurably high biomass accumulations compared to competition, and the Brix test results also revealed scores that surpassed other grow lights in the study.  Results associated with improved sensory qualities were best with the Heliospectra grow light unit.  The study revealed that the lettuce plant grown under the Heliospectra light produced deep dark green coloring of the leaf, sweet taste, and crisp texture.  In the end, the Heliospectra unit grew the tastiest and most attractive lettuce.  Heliospectra’s ability to produce quality grow outcomes is a primary reason that the makers units have been chosen for a large scale cultivation facility in Vegas.

Vegas Deal Attracts Attention:

Heliospectra and the American Cannabis Company Inc. have successfully sold one of the largest LED cultivation systems in the world to a Las Vegas, NV cannabis licensee.  Heliospectra’s LX601C LED grow lights have been chosen to provide the light for the grow light for the commercial cultivation facility.  This deal is considered the first phase and represents approximately 672 thousand dollars in revenue for Heliospectra.  The facility is expected to incorporate cutting edge technology and Heliospectra will be leading the way with their grow lights.  The overall goal for the facility will be to produce a top tier product efficiently and at a lower cost.  This is a big step for Heliospectra and for LED technology.  The LED grow lights being utilized will provide an environmentally friendly option over other traditional HID or HPS lamps.

This Vegas deal is not only one of the largest of its kind in the grow light sector, but also represents one of the largest indoor installations of LED grow light technology.  The deal has gained the attention of many and will continue to build the momentum for LED grow light utilization around the world.  It is a positive step forward for LED grow light technology and should continue to open doors by increasing awareness.






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