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AeroFarms Uses LED Grow Lights and Hydroponics to Grow in the Largest Indoor Grow Facility

Indoor Grow Interest is on the Rise as Technology Improves:

There is little doubt that more growers around the world are turning to indoor growing methods.  Improvements in grow light technology continues to mount and the outcomes are impressive!  This year, AeroFarms is making headlines by not only growing crops indoors, but by claiming to do so with cutting edge technology to support the largest indoor grow farm in the world!

AeroFarms Claims the Largest Indoor Grow Farm in the World:

The AeroFarms facility is located in Newark New Jersey and is designed as in indoor vertical farm.  The facility covers approximately 69,000 square feet and is based inside of a converted steel factory.  The objective of the facility will be to grow high quality produce all year round and act as a supplier for local markets.

AeroFarms will utilize Hydroponic Grow Technology:

The quick and simple way of describing hydroponics is growingart hydroponics plants with nutrient rich water outside of a soil base. Hydroponic grow systems can be designed in multiple ways.  The plant’s root system may grow directly in the nutrient solution.  The plant may also be misted by the solution or the root system could grow in a substrate replacement  for soil.  There are two primary techniques used most often when growing hydroponically.  There is the solution culture technique that does not use a solid medium for the roots, and there is the medium culture technique which provides a soil-free alternative culture in which the roots develop.

LED Lighting Used by AeroFarms:

AeroFarms reports that state of the art technology supports their grow process.  The facility utilizes LED grow light technology when growing.  LED grow lights are gaining popularity due, in part, to their ability to emit the type of light plants’ require in an efficient manner.  The spectrum light that an LED can now produce includes, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and white.  Although plants absorb a broad range of light during the grow process, red and blue light have been shown to be very important for plant development.wavelength colors  The fact that LED grow light products can be designed to emit a certain ratio of light spectra gives them the unique ability to effectively and efficiently act as the proper catalyst to initiate and promote plant photosynthesis during various stages of a plant’s grow process.


Grow Funding:

The new AeroFarms facility is a public-private partnership and has been funded by the New Jersey Economic Development Authority, as well as the City of Newark, Goldman Sachs, United Fund Advisors, Dudley Ventures and Prudential Financial.  The facility does not utilize the sun or soil to grow plants.  AeroFarms will use cutting edge technology to grow crops in the largest indoor grow farm ever.  Growers around the world will monitor developments closely and benefit from AeroFarms innovations.


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