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About Us

My name is Alex Averin and I am the developer and writer on this site.  I am an avid grower and have spent years experimenting with various growing techniques.  Over the last several years, I have gathered data on indoor grow lights and continue to spend a considerable amount of my time researching LED grow light technology. Given the technological advances happening every day, new and useful information on LED grow lights continues to surface. It can be hard to find relevant information in one place however. One goal of this site is to share the LED grow light knowledge I have acquired and to present this information to users in a format that is easy to review and digest.

There are many LED grow light products on the market right now, and additions to the market are growing exponentially.  The technology continues to improve and as it does, LED grow light use in the home setting is rising in noteworthy fashion.  I personally use this technology, but I had to go through some growing pains in my research and investment process.  My hope is that the information contained on this site can support others as they research and prepare to invest in the technology.  My aim is to provide an unbiased comprehensive review of the available LED grow light technology, in a unique format, that can be accessed on one site.

Grow Big or Grow Home is designed to be user friendly.  The comparison chart will be static on the home page, but the updates will be ongoing.  The comparison chart will be fluid, and this means that product positions will change based on timely data.  Supplemental articles will be added to the site in an ongoing fashion.  Ultimately, I hope that you find the information contained on this site useful and that it helps you to make an informed investment decision.