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Will Canadian Prime Minister Follow through with Marijuana Reform or Will he be Another Politician with Lots to Say but little to Show

Marijuana Reform News Update North America:

Canada continues to move closer to the legalization of marijuana across the country.  If it is able to do so, it could join Uruguay as having passed marijuana reform on a national level.  Many nations, like the U.S., are tinkering with the marijuana reform process, but doing so by taking small steps over an extended period of time.  Right now in the U.S., 23 states have passed laws to permit medical marijuana in some form, and 4 states have made recreational marijuana legal.  Each state that has initiated the marijuana reform process has put its own spin on legalization and regulation.  It is like many different experiments going on simultaneously in an effort to see which works best.  This is happening in the United States all while the federal government still contends that marijuana is dangerous, illegal, and holds no medical benefit.  It is a very slow and belabored process of marijuana reform and some wonder if the process could be more efficient.  In Canada, the goal right now appears to be sweeping change on the national level.  Marijuana legalization in Canada could be quick, innovative, and decisive.  The marijuana reform process in Canada could turn out to be the model for a more efficient transition to marijuana legalization.

Is Legal Marijuana in Canada Just Talk or something More:

Canada appears to be moving full swing into the marijuana reform process.  In a recent speech given just last week, the governor general said that Canada plans on being the first country in the G7 to legalize marijuana completely.  People want to know if this is just additional rhetoric, or if this is action that will soon make legal marijuana in Canada a reality. Many see the governor general’s words as a formal commitment and do believe the newly appointed Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, plans on following through with this commitment.

Policy shift on marijuana reform has been an issue for several decades in Canada, but action and actual change has been hard to establish.  Now will be different says Alan Young, a lawyer and long time advocate of marijuana legalization in Canada.  Young states that he spoke with Prime Minister Trudeau personally and believes that Trudeau will stay the course.  If Trudeau and associates do stay the course, Canada will be one of a kind regarding marijuana reform.  Trudeau ran on a platform of innovation and now the world will watch to see just how innovative he will be.



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