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When will Medical Marijuana be Approved in Pennsylvania; Will Newest Bill Get the Votes Needed to Legalize Marijuana in Pa.

Medical Marijuana and Road Blocks in the State of Pennsylvania:

Pennsylvania is not currently one of the 23 states that has passed legislation which permits the use of medical marijuana.  Many patients are waiting for this to happen in the state, but road blocks have been set up and the waiting continues.  The waiting continues for the many patients suffering from seizures, cancer, MS, chronic and degenerative pain, as well as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other troubling conditions.  These are just some of the ailments that are on the list of treatable conditions in other states that allow doctors to prescribe medical marijuana.  One very big issue that needs to be shared with the public is that legislators have muddied the waters to the point that the public opinion, which is overwhelmingly in favor of medical marijuana, has not been enough to get policy makers in government working on a plan and resolution. Medical marijuana could ease suffering and provide a better quality of life for many without the side-effects of other approved drugs, but road blocks remain.

Although the Senate and Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf have shown support for compassionate medical cannabis legislation, the House has not shown the same support.  This is contrary though to what the public opinion is in the state.  A very recent poll reveals that approximately 90 percent of state residents support legalizing marijuana for medical use.  According to the recent Quinnipiac University Poll, Keystone state voters are overwhelmingly in favor of supporting medical marijuana legislation by just over 90 percent.   Additionally, voters 34 years of age or younger support legalized marijuana by a 2-1 ratio according to the survey.  This shows that the government in Pennsylvania, so far, is not working for the people.  The public believes that compassionate medical cannabis legislation should be pushed through the Senate and House and signed into law, but this has not yet happened and many are asking why.  Why are sick children and adults being forced to suffer without a medicine that so many benefit from in other states?  Why are our elected officials ignoring public opinion on this particular matter?  When will this all change?

When will Pennsylvania Approve Medical Marijuana?

As stated earlier, Governor Wolf is in favor of the Compassionate Use of Medical Marijuana in the state of Pennsylvania.  The most recent push for medical marijuana in Pa. happened last week when The Medical Cannabis Act, or Senate Bill 3, was unveiled.  Senate Bill 3 must pass through the Senate and then the House before making its way to Governor Wolf’s desk for his signature.  This will not likely happen prior to this year’s end.  Several sessions of review and debate will likely happen in the Senate and House and the bill could fall out of favor during any of the Senate and House sessions.





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