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Voters had a Big Issue with Issue 3 in the State of Ohio; Marijuana Reform News in the State of Ohio in 2015 and 2016

Issue Three Marijuana Reform in the State of Ohio:

Issue 3 was a marijuana reform initiative in the state of Ohio that failed during the most recent election this month.  It would have legalized medical and recreational marijuana all at once and the reform seemed likely to succeed at the polls given poll numbers that showed people favored legalized marijuana.  Despite the positive polls and the millions spent campaigning for marijuana reform, Issue 3 failed to find voter support because it had a bigger issue that failed to persuade the majority.

Issue Three Facts and Figures:

Issue 3 was a marijuana legalization initiative in the state of Ohio that, given voter approval, would have acted as a constitutional amendment and legalized the limited sale and use of marijuana.  Had this legislation passed, anyone 21 years of age or older in the state of Ohio could have purchased and used marijuana.  The reform group, ResponsibleOhio, pumped approximately 25 million dollars into the most recent campaign to garner support for Issue 3.  It failed however by a wide margin of 881,255 votes.  The primary issue that caused the Issue’s demise was that the constitutional amendment would have given a small group of business and landowners exclusive commercial rights to grow and cultivate marijuana in the state.  Voters did not wish to create a monopoly and therefore voted the initiative down.  This was the big issue voters had with Issue 3.

Big Business Caused Voter Angst Regarding Issue 3 in Ohio:

According to the numbers, Issue 3 was only favored by about 35 percent of the voters and opposed by about 65 percent.  Voters believed that Issue 3 was misguided in that it allowed for certain Issue 3 backers to seize control of the marijuana market in the state.  Voters saw this as a money grab and an abuse of the system.  Many voters expressed the same opinion.  Many voters are for marijuana legalization in the state, but against the wording of the amendment and the power given to a small set of Issue 3 backers.  The big business format of the amendment is what ultimately led to its demise.   Ohio was unable to join the ranks of Washington, Colorado, Alaska, and Oregon as states that have legalized marijuana.  Next year though is just around the corner, and additional attempts at marijuana reform will be made.  A wave of ballot measures are expected all across the United States as more Americans support marijuana legalization reform.




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