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Texas Veterans want to have the same access to Medical Marijuana as others in the U.S. Already Have; Marijuana Reform in 2015

Marijuana Reform in the State of Texas 2015:

This year, the state of Texas took action on medical marijuana reform when Texas’ Governor Gregg Abbott signed SB 339 into law.   The bill had wording which makes it legal for patients with intractable seizure conditions to access marijuana extracts with high levels of CBD and very low “trace” levels of THC.  This action is considered a very small step towards marijuana reform in the state as it does not permit access to the marijuana leaf for medicinal purposes, just extracts.  It left more to be desired by the many citizens of the state that want the right to use medical marijuana independently for other conditions.   One group took action on Veteran’s Day this week, hoping to promote additional support for the marijuana reform process in the state.

Veterans from the United States Armed Forces take Action:

Veterans from the Air Force, Navy, and Army took action this week to promote medical marijuana awareness on Veteran’s Day.  The group believes that access to medical marijuana would relieve many veterans from having to rely on numerous other medications which have negative side effects.  The group contends that many veterans return home from service and suffer from debilitating conditions such as PTSD and TBI and other service related injuries that cause chronic pain.  The veterans’ feel trapped and forced into certain medical options based on their debilitating conditions.  As a result, the group has decided to call their action ‘Operation Trapped.’  They want the legislators in Texas to listen and give them the right to select their medical path.  They want legislators to work on legislation that will open the door for medical marijuana to many veterans.  Veterans that have served in the armed forces and deserve the right to a medical marijuana option that others in the United States already have.  Right now, medical marijuana has been approved in some legislative form across 23 states.  Currently, four states have passed legislation that approves recreational marijuana.


Veterans in Texas want the opportunity to legally possess and utilize medical marijuana in the state.  Right now, the current Texas law only permits patients with intractable seizure condition to access medicine with minimal amounts of THC.  This is not acceptable to the Veterans’ group which seeks for the legislature to pass a bill that would grant them access to a treatment option of their liking.  The Veterans want options that are available to others in different parts of the United States already.



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