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Republican Presidential Hopefuls and Marijuana Reform in the United States; Jeb Bush, Ben Carson and Donald Trump Speak Up

Presidential Hopefuls and Marijuana Reform in the United States:

The presidential race is heating up and participants are being questioned on a very global scale.  Stance on marijuana policy is just one of the issues that presidential hopefuls are pushed to discuss.  Currently, 23 states have passed legislation that approves medical marijuana in some form, and four states have passed some form of recreational marijuana legislation.  The trend of public opinion is growing more and more in favor of passing pro-marijuana legislation all across the United States, and so marijuana reform is certainly an issue that presidential candidates must acknowledge, assess and eventually, act upon.

2016 Presidential Candidates Must Inform the Public:

Jeb Bush, Ben Carson and even Donald Trump have all been referred to as potential front runners for the Republican side of the 2016 presidential race. It is likely that this is the first campaign in history during which stance pertaining to medical and recreational marijuana legalization will be highlighted to the extent it has already.  The public wants to know what the candidates think about marijuana reform in the United States.

Jeb Bush:

Jeb Bush, the former Republican governor of Florida, has a history of opposing the legalization of marijuana.  He is actually on the advisory board of the Drug Free America Foundation which is staunchly against marijuana.  Jeb has stated recently that he supports the individual state right to establish marijuana policies.  Basically, he appears to be against marijuana legalization in the U.S., but is giving a politician’s answer to legalization questions.  He highlights his support for the states, but minimizes his opposition to an issue that holds majority favor.

Ben Carson:

Ben Carson is actually a medical surgeon so one would think that he would have additional insight into the use of medical marijuana.  According to Ben, the use of medical marijuana has been proven to be a compassionate action in many cases.  He states that he would intensify the war on drugs across the United States, but that he would support the appropriate use of medical marijuana.  Ben did also state that marijuana is a “gateway drug.”

Donald Trump:

Trump is on record stating that the regulation of marijuana by government is a bad thing, but he has also stated that legalizing drugs takes profits away from drug czars which could ultimately support America’s War on Drugs.  Trump’s statements are a bit conflicting, but he is “The Donald.”




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