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Mexico’s Marijuana Reform and Legal Marijuana Around the World; Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Legal Marijuana

Marijuana Reform in Mexico:

Over half of the states in the U.S. have already implemented some form of marijuana reform.  Most of this reform has focused on the legal use of medical marijuana for treating patients with a myriad of ailments.  Just under a handful of states have legalized the recreational use of marijuana for adults over the age of 21.  The push to reform marijuana law is as strong as it has ever been in the U.S. and the momentum to reform continues to build.  Those states that have not yet initiated the reform process yet are watching and observing and reviewing the pros and cons of the reform process.  Not only are policy makers and voters observing other states, but they are observing other countries as well.  Mexico just recently made headline news regarding its marijuana reform process.  The close proximity of Mexico to the United States makes reform their relevant to those in the U.S.  Mexico’s Supreme Court ruled this week and the ruling was in favor of marijuana reform.

Mexico’s Supreme Court Ruling and Marijuana Reform:

Mexico’s Supreme Court just ruled in favor of recreational marijuana.  This ruling was validated as a result of the 4-1 vote handed down by the five-justice panel in Mexico’s Supreme Court.  Although this ruling has ramifications that will be generalized across the country, it specifically pertained to a group of four people that wanted to form a pot club.  The court ruling was made due, in part, to the right of free development of personality and a more general right to freedom.  Also noteworthy however is that this ruling does not legalize recreational marijuana in a general sense.  It does not permit the sale and or production/cultivation of marijuana.  This ruling specifically relates to the four people wishing to form their own pot club.   The 4-1 decision allows four representatives of a group/club to plant, transport, and smoke marijuana for recreational use.   Although the ruling does not specifically legalize marijuana for all, it is a step that opens the door a bit wider for marijuana reform.  How long will it now take for others to push for legal leniency?  The four individuals that acted as the catalyst for this Supreme Court ruling say that prohibition of recreational marijuana affects personal freedom.  The Mexican President took to Twitter this week to say that he respects the decision of the court system, but it should be noted that President Enrique Pena Nieto has opposed the legalization of drugs during his tenure.  That being said, additional legislation is expected to push forward regarding legalization of marijuana in Mexico, and in countries around the world.  Neighboring U.S. has taken note of this ruling as it continues to venture through the reform process as well.  Marijuana reform is happening around the world.




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