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Medical Marijuana To Treat Seizure Disorders; New Data Shows that Medical Marijuana Can Significantly Decrease Seizures

Legalizing Marijuana in the United States:

President Obama is on record saying more legislators will notice and pay attention to the marijuana reform process as more states make individual decisions to reform state-specific marijuana law.  This is one path towards national legalization, a state by state path.  Right now in the United States, 23 states have approved medical marijuana in some form and 4 states have approved the recreational use of marijuana.  Medical marijuana legalization has proven more popular so far in the U.S. and it is probable that various voters and legislators feel that they can more specifically support and defend action to legalize medical marijuana.  Across the U.S., medical marijuana has been approved to treat dozens of medical conditions so far and the conditions that are approved continues to evolve.  Cancer, MS, Crohn’s disease, nerve pain, and seizure disorders like Epilepsy are several of the debilitating conditions that medical marijuana has been approved to treat in some states.

Medical Marijuana Treatment News Update today December 14, 2015:

Numerous studies exist showing that marijuana can benefit patients suffering from seizure disorders.  Additional data on the positive affects of using medicinal marijuana for patients with Epilepsy was recently presented at the American Epilepsy Society’s annual meeting which took place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  It should be noted that Pennsylvania is not one of the 23 states that have approved the use of medical marijuana, but some regional governments within the state are working to decriminalize marijuana.

American Epilepsy Society Says Medical Marijuana Can Benefit Children  with Seizure Disorders:

Nearly 84 percent of all patients that were treated with a form of medicinal marijuana had the number of convulsive seizures cut in half.  This is a statistically significant finding and one that can’t be ignored.  Specifically, 313 children form epilepsy centers all across the U.S. took part in this study.  The patients were treated with a regimen of cannabis compound cannabidoil and after a treatment period of three months, 261 of the patients had a decreased number of grand-mal or tonic-clonic seizures by almost half.  Some of the patients even experienced a 100 percent reduction of seizures.

This news is very encouraging for families trying to support their loved ones with seizure disorders.  The results of this study will not only encourage other families dealing with seizure disorders to seek more information on the potential benefits of medical marijuana, but it should also encourage politicians and policy makers to seriously consider marijuana reform.

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