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Medical Marijuana in the State of Pennsylvania; New recommendations Made so Bill Can Pass the House and Senate

Medical Marijuana in the State of Pennsylvania:

The state of Pennsylvania is moving closer to passing legislation that would permit the use of medical marijuana and it appears that many policymakers, lawmakers and residents agree with this action.  According to Republican state Rep. Mike Regan, passing the bill, which would allow medical marijuana use in the state, is a top priority.  Regan recently relayed that over 90 percent of Pa. residents support the passage of the medical marijuana bill.  He has promised that additional steps will be taken to make the passage of the bill as efficient as possible.  Regan believes that the medical marijuana bill must be passed so that doctors have access to the medicinal value and can use it to prescribe to patients that may be suffering from epilepsy, cancer, or chronic sever pain.  He said, in a recent speech given in the state’s capitol, that the passage of this bill is about doing something that is compassionate and right.  Regan reported that policymakers, politicians, lawmakers, etc. need to get off of their “collective butts”  and do something about this because people are suffering.  It should be noted that Regan is a former U.S. Marshal that at one time put people in jail for their use of marijuana.  Now however, he is an advocate for legal access to medical marijuana in the state of Pennsylvania.

Bill SB 3 in the State of Pennsylvania:

The bill, SB 3, appears to be a framework that Regan believes will likely provide the appropriate framework of a bill that eventually passes.  SB 3 was authored by state Sen. Mike Folmer.  The list of medical conditions noted in the SB 3 include cancer, MS, ALS, severe seizures, PTSD and HIV/AIDS.  The governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Wolf (D), has verbally provided support for signing legislation which would legalize medical marijuana in the state.  Since the introduction of SB3, a new policymaking group has formed and is working to rewrite the medical marijuana legislation so that it can pass both the House and the Senate.  Previously, SB3 passed the Senate by a vote of 40-7 but it was unable to carry the momentum through the House.  Advocates hope that that the a recently formed committee of policy writers can rewrite the legislation successfully.  The timetable for this legislation is open-ended.  Policymakers want to get it right and are not time-stamping a due date on the work.  Recommendations have been sent to the House though and a new bill may surface any day now.






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