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Medical Marijuana in the State of Montana; Medicinal Marijuana Dispenser Numbers Drop and Patients are Left Wondering What to Do

Medical Marijuana in Montana:

It is reported that medical marijuana has a variety of benefits.  One such reported benefit is to control pervasive and chronic pain associated with a diverse group of medical ailments.  All across the United States, medical boards and legal advisers have been trying to determine if medical marijuana is not just safe for medicinal use in general terms, but if it should be used to treat a patient’s intractable pain associated with a myriad of medical conditions.  Family members of many patients report that the administration of medical cannabis is the only medicine that gives their loved ones relief.  The Minnesota Department of Health recently met to determine if medical marijuana should be used to hep some of the patients in the state deal with daily chronic pain.  Advocates that argue for medical marijuana’s approval say that its use may be the only thing available that will give certain patients a pain reduced life they deserve without complications associated with side-effects.  Unfortunately , those patients that have counted on the Medical cannabis for years are now searching for answers in a state where the lines of medicine and legality are blurred and confusing.

Government and Medicinal Marijuana:

Voters legalized medical marijuana in Montana back in 2004 and since that time, tens of thousands of residents were identified as patients that would benefit from medical marijuana.  Now though, opposition is growing once again.  The medical marijuana program is in legal turmoil and residents that have counted on the medicine to relieve the negative symptoms associated with their condition are worried that the medicine that has worked so well for them has become unavailable.   Over the last several years, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration conducted numerous raids throughout Montana and shut down much of the medical marijuana industry for various infractions and violations with federal law.  The few medical marijuana resources that are left are now under intense scrutiny and some legislators are trying to dissolve the medical marijuana program completely.  State Senator David Howard has reported that marijuana is not a medicine and he leads the fight against its use for medicinal purpose.

Legalization of Medical Marijuana still in a State of Flux:

Those that work in the industry as a medical marijuana distributer report feeling “dazed and confused” with the laws and regulations associated with its distribution.  The seemingly ever-shifting public opinion, political rhetoric and state and federal government regulations make the fledgling medical marijuana sector one ripe with pitfalls.  Right now, although Montana legalized medical marijuana years ago, it seems as though they are taking steps backward.  Instead of establishing a framework and blueprint that would support other patients in need of medicinal marijuana in other states, the recent deconstruction of the medical marijuana program in the state only serves to provide critics of the program with additional fodder.



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