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Medical Marijuana In the State of Illinois; Who is Seeking Medical Marijuana and who can Grow Marijuana in the State

Medical Marijuana Available in Illinois:

Medical Marijuana is now legal in a growing number of states across the country.  The tide appears to be turning for the legalization of marijuana as almost half of the states in the U.S. have done so.  Although there are still under a handful of states that have legalized recreational marijuana up to this point in time, the legalization of medical marijuana appears to be a stepping stone to that end.  Illinois is one such state that has passed legislation that legalizes medical marijuana.  Now, since the time the state made medical marijuana legal, thousands of medical marijuana plants have been germinated and are in place to legally grow, harvest and sale to the public for medicinal purposes.  This process, from start to finish, only takes about 60 days.  Change will happen fast at this pace.  Many people will now seek to be a part of the process in hopes of creating a foundational business that could boom in the coming year.  Illinois has taken legislative steps to benefit from the tax collection gains that stem from the sale of medicinal marijuana.

Who Seeks Out Medical Marijuana Treatment in Illinois:

According to the Illinois Department of Public Health, older females battling cancer or fibromyalgia are most likely to seek a physician’s prescription to use medical marijuana.  The report also revealed that the majority of applicants came from Cooks County and that overall, 60 percent of all applicants were female.  Multiple Sclerosis was also listed as a qualifying condition for medical marijuana use.  Unlike some states where medical marijuana has been made legal, chronic pain is not a qualifying condition in Illinois.

State Residents Can’t Grow their Own Medical Marijuana at Home:

Medical marijuana farming licenses must be gained in order to legally grow medical marijuana in the state of Illinois.  There are also separate selling licenses that business can attain for the sale of the medical marijuana, but these establishments may not grow the medical marijuana without the farming license.  Unlike other states that have approved marijuana, those that qualify may not grow plants in their own homes.






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