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Medical Marijuana Benefits and the Push to Legalize in the United States; Medical Marijuana Advocates Push for more Testing

Medical Marijuana in the United States:

The fight to legalize medical marijuana in the United States continues as advocates attempt to justify the need.  Advocates cite numerous benefits of using medical marijuana.  Medical Marijuana can be used to treat glaucoma which is a debilitating eye disease which damages the optic nerve and can result in a loss of vision.  Studies have shown that smoking marijuana reduced intraocular pressure in persons with glaucoma.   Another study in 2003 showed that marijuana extract can be used to control epileptic seizures.  These benefits, and many more, are why so many people around the United States are working hard to get medical marijuana legalized.  Boards are forming throughout the country to add focus to this cause.  Changing minds and approving legislation is one primary objective for those seeking to legalize medical marijuana.

Medical Marijuana and Government:

The push for medical marijuana in the United States continues to grow and entities like the Medical Marijuana Board of Physicians make the push a legitimate one.  The Medical Marijuana Board of Physicians operates under the Department of Consumer Protection and  comprises the Commissioner of the Department of Consumer Protection as well as other board members.  Board meetings are held throughout the year with the most recent meeting held on August 19, 2015.

Recent Agenda Items for the Medical Marijuana Program:

The board of physicians works to review medical cases that might benefit from medical marijuana.  In the most recent meeting, the board motioned to add a debilitating condition, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, to the list of other conditions for which medical marijuana can be medicinally used to benefit the patient in some way.

What variables does the board consider when approving a debilitating condition:

Available scientific studies are used for review to determine if medical marijuana might be a viable option for treating certain conditions.  The board feels that a balance needs to be found between relying on anecdotal evidence and double blind placebo trials.  Additional legislation still needs to be passed so that more testing can be initiated to study the effects of medical marijuana use over the long term.  Passing legislation and raising funds to test the long term effects of medical marijuana are primary objectives for advocates right now.



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