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Medical Marijuana Administered in New Jersey School; Marijuana Reform News Review Today

Marijuana Reform and News in the State of New Jersey:

Governor Chris Christie has said that he does not support marijuana reform in the state of New Jersey and would veto any legislation that worked to make recreational marijuana legal in the state.  He has also said that he would fight legislation that worked to decriminalize the drug or legalize it in any way.  Is it safe to say that he is against marijuana reform for New Jersey, and for the nation?  New Jersey does already have a current law on the books that permits medical marijuana though.  This legislation passed in 2010 as Senate Bill 119.  It was signed into law by Governor Jon Corzine.  Approved patients in New Jersey can use marijuana to alleviate suffering from debilitating medical conditions and are protected from arrest, prosecution, property forfeiture, and other criminal proceedings.  Governor Chris Christie did amend the law in 2013.  Christie’s amendment allows edible forms of marijuana only for qualifying minors.  So it appears that despite Chris Christie’s recent words against recreational marijuana reform, he has been open to other types of marijuana reform in the past.  Christie also helped to make medical marijuana available for a young girl in a New Jersey school system.

New Jersey Teen Fighting for Medical Marijuana in School:

A New Jersey teenager diagnosed with autism and epilepsy recently won the right to have a medical marijuana treatment plan administered by school officials during the school day.  The teenager’s name is Genny Barbour.  Genny Barbour’s parents report that Governor Christie is partly responsible for their child receiving access to her medical treatment plan while on the school’s campus.  According to Lora Barbour, Genny Barbour’s mother, Governor Christie signed off on the medical marijuana reform law when they thought that he would not.  So Governor Christie helped this family avoid a long battle in the courts over their daughter’s right to a specific medication treatment plan.  The law in New Jersey now allows for parents or immediate caregivers to administer the medical marijuana treatment pan to the child, while the child is at school.  This method helps to alleviate school district concerns regarding school district liabilities.  Genny’s school is the Larc School in Bellmawr and this arrangement is one of a kind.  Administering medical marijuana in school is unprecedented at this time and Genny’s school is now recognized as the first school in the nation to allow medical marijuana treatment.  The next battle for the Barbour family is to have the school nurse be able to administer the medication.



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