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Medical and Recreational Marijuana Law in the State of Georgia, Marijuana Reform News Review Today

Medical Marijuana News Update in Georgia:

Georgia is gearing up for additional medical marijuana reform.  Right now, the state law gives certain patients permission to obtain medical cannabis, but the cannabis may not be grown or cultivated in the state of Georgia.  This is obviously a problem for patients that need to obtain medical marijuana due to their approved medical condition. Not only is this a problem, but it goes against the majority opinion in the state.  According to a recent statewide poll data via the Georgians for Freedom in Health Care, almost 85 percent of Georgians approve expending the state law to allow state cultivation and production of medical marijuana.  Citizens of Georgia would like for the current law to be revised so that state regulation of medical marijuana may be initiated.  The data also reveals that a majority of Georgians support legalized marijuana for recreational use.

In Georgia currently, those that qualify will be able to use a limited form of cannabis oil to treat approved conditions such as Parkinson’s disease and epilepsy.  The poll by the Georgians for Freedom in Healthcare specifically asked Georgians if they were comfortable expanding the existing program in Georgia to allow production and distribution of cannabis oil throughout the state.  Not only do residents want to expand production and distribution, but they also want to expand the list of qualifying conditions according to the poll results.  Political and policy leaders such as State Rep. Alan Powell, chairman of the House Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee, as well as State Rep. Allen Peake, who is heading the Commission on Medical cannabis for the state, both support expanding marijuana reform in the state.

Despite the overt support for expanding the medical marijuana program in the state of Georgia, Governor, Nathan Deal is not sure it is the right thing to do.  Deal said that he recently gathered data via a fact finding trip to Colorado and that the data and information obtained did not change his mind.  At this point in time, the decision to expand the medical marijuana policies in the state of Georgia are on hold.  Additional recommendations are expected as this calendar year comes to a close and the new year begins.  2016 could be the year of change for Georgia’s medical marijuana plan, but it could be hard to come by if Nathan Deal has anything to say about it, and he does.



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