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Legalized Marijuana in Uruguay Could be the Catalyst for Marijuana Reform Around the World

Marijuana Reform in Uruguay:

Although some countries have legalized the possession of small amounts of marijuana, Uruguay is the first country in the world to completely legalize the cultivation, sale, and consumption of marijuana.  Uruguay initially made headlines in 2013 when it officially became the first country to legalize the marijuana trade.  It has been over two years since Uruguay approved the growing, sale, and personal use of marijuana.  According to the new reform law, registered drug users were eligible to purchase marijuana over the counter from licensed pharmacies.  Come 2016, Pharmacies in Uruguay will soon have three types of marijuana to offer customers.

Uruguay Pharmacies and Marijuana Variety in 2016:

According to the National Drug Board, pharmacies in Uruguay will begin offering three state-sanctioned varieties of cannabis to residents of the country in 2016.  The different varieties will vary in several ways, and one way is potency.  The state sanctioned marijuana will contain different levels of the psychoactive THC and CBD.  Basically, marijuana containing high, medium, and low levels of THC willl be made available.  The marijuana containing lower levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) will be available for those that prefer marijuana with lower levels of THC, such as those just beginning to use marijuana.  The different varieties of marijuana are not expected to be available right away in 2016, but should likely be stocked in the approved pharmacies by halfway through the 2016 calendar year.

Uruguayans will be permitted to purchase up to 40 grams of state sanctioned marijuana per month.  The cost per gram will be approximately $1 to $1.20 per gram.  This is a relatively low price which is strategic in the fight against the illegal sale of marijuana on the black market in Uruguay.  According to Augusto Vitale, the president of the Institute for Regulation and Control of Cannabis (IRCCA), the price of marijuana per gram in Uruguay is kept at a low price to deter the illegal sale of marijuana.  Since marijuana is listed legally at such a low rate, it is not worthwhile or profitable for many to sale marijuana illegally.  Jose Mujica, recent president, relayed that legalized marijuana is the only way to reduce the influence of the drug cartels in the region.  Uruguay leads the way in the world of national marijuana reform right now.

So, despite the fact the Uruguay is the second smallest country in South America, it is having a great impact on the world regarding marijuana reform.  Marijuana reform in Uruguay is innovative and will keep the world’s interest as it moves ahead.  The world will watch and be influenced.  Marijuana reform in Uruguay could be a catalyst for change around the world.





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