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Legalized Marijuana in Nevada; Will Nevada be the Next State to Legalize Recreational Marijuana; Las Vegas Tourism and Marijuana Reform

Marijuana Reform News in the State of Nevada:

Medical marijuana has been legal in the state of Nevada since 2000.  The vote of approval in 2000 removes state-level criminal penalties on the use, possession and cultivation of marijuana by patients who have written documentation from their physician which prescribes the medicinal use of marijuana.  Las Vegas, the city of sin, is inching its way closer to opening the first medical dispensary within city limits.  Considering it has been a full 15 years since medical marijuana was first legalized in the state of Nevada, many believe it is time that the business of medical marijuana arrive in the city of Las Vegas.  Others believe that it is time that recreational marijuana be made legal as well.

Las Vegas Medical Marijuana News:

The Las Vegas City Council voted for a measure that would allow the first medical marijuana dispensary to open within city limits and now, one is finally opening.  The medical marijuana dispensary opened in Southwest Las Vegas and according to recent reports, the dispensary is serving over 100 patients a day.  This dispensary is a step towards marijuana reform in the state, and additional ballot initiatives are in the works for the 2016 vote.  Recreational marijuana legalization may be the next reform measure considered.

Recreational Marijuana News Update in the state of Nevada:

Tourists coming to Las Vegas can acquire medical marijuana at the local dispensary as long as they have the appropriate documentation.  Approval of recreational marijuana in the state would draw even more visitors to Las Vegas to help build on their record setting numbers from last year.  Las Vegas has approximately 40 million people visiting every year, so the amount of tax revenue that might stem from selling recreational marijuana to a contingent of this population would be significant.  Right now in the U.S., only four other states have passed legislation to legalize recreational marijuana in some form.  The states that have done so include Washington, Colorado, Alaska, and Oregon.  Nevada hopes to be the 5th state in the nation to push ahead with legalization of marijuana in 2016.  The 2016 recreational marijuana initiative is already on the ballot and so no matter what, residents will vote on the issue in the 2016 election.  Officials relay that a major incentive to legalizing marijuana is the increased tourism to Las Vegas that will likely occur as a result.  The marijuana business could be good business for tourism in Nevada and, for a state that profits from activities that are difficult to find elsewhere in the U.S., legalized marijuana seems like a good bet.




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