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Jeb Bush now says to decriminalize marijuana and give states the right to decide on marijuana reform issues; Bush falls in poll

Marijuana Legalization in the United States News Update Today December 13, 2015:

The legalization of marijuana in the United States is a reform issue that has been making progress for about two decades.  Although only 4 states have passed law to permit recreational marijuana, 23 states have passed law to permit medical marijuana.  The marijuana industry has grown into a billion dollar industry over the last decade, and 2015 is expected to pull in record revenue as well.  The process of marijuana reform is something that can no longer be ignored in the United States, which is why it has been a debate topic for presidential hopefuls.  Although marijuana reform support is easier to find in the ranks of the Democrats, some Republican minds may be changing.

Republican Marijuana Reform News Today:

A common stance for many a politician is that states should have the authority to make decisions that are state specific.  Donald Trump is on record having said that if the states vote for marijuana reform and legalization, then they vote for marijuana reform and legalization.  I believe his specific words were, “if they vote for it, they vote for it.”  Jeb Bush has voiced a similar opinion.  He is on record as saying that he initially believed that the marijuana legalization process was a bad idea, but then said that states ought to be able to have the right to do so.  This viewpoint appears to be a common viewpoint for the more conservative politician.  Jeb Bush just recently made headlines again when he spoke of marijuana reform during an interview in Boston.

Jeb Bush and Marijuana Reform Stance Update: 

In the most recent national poll, Jeb Bush has fallen farther from favor.  According to the most recent Quinnipiac University survey, Bush’s support among Republicans nationally has dropped into the single digits.  Maybe that is why he trying something new.  In a recent interview with Boston radio, Jeb Bush talked about marijuana reform in the United States and his stance was different than it has been.  Bush publicly said that he supports the decriminalization of marijuana, but did say that he is still opposed to federal legalization.  He went on to say that the legalization process should clearly be left as a state specific process.

So although Jeb has slightly changed his tune on the idea of general decriminalization of marijuana use, he continues to take the conservative line regarding legalization.  Give states the right to decide is a transition phrase for politicians trying to alter their stance and hope for favor.  According to the most recent poll though, it appears the nation has already decided that it is time for Jeb Bush to end his presidential run.



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