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Hillary Clinton Wants to Make Marijuana a Schedule 2 Drug so that More Research Can be Done; Is this a Gesture with No Teeth

Hillary Clinton and Marijuana Reform in the U.S.:

Hillary Clinton has recently modified her stance on marijuana reform in the U.S.  She initially kept her distance from the topic, but has recently made headlines calling for a change in the federal Scheduling of the drug.  Marijuana is currently a Schedule 1 drug which means that the federal government views it as one of the most dangerous drugs that has a high potential for abuse and addiction.  Clinton is now stating that marijuana should be removed from the list of Schedule 1 drugs and re-classified.  Clinton believes that doing so will make marijuana more accessible so that comprehensive research can be carried out.  Right now with marijuana being banned by the federal government, it is not available for comprehensive research on its medical properties.  Clinton relays that what we are left with as a result is just a lot of anecdotal evidence on the benefits of marijuana as a medicine for certain conditions.  According to Clinton, additional research data will provide data for analysis so that politicians, policymakers, and lawmakers can make more informed decisions regarding the marijuana reform process.  Clinton said that she wants to find out answers to very questions like how much of a dose does an individual person actually need, and how might medical marijuana react to other medications an individual might already be taking.  Clinton reports that the additional research on medical marijuana can be done if marijuana is moved from the Schedule 1 list to the Schedule 2 list by the federal government.  It should be noted that moving marijuana off of the Schedule 1 list and onto the Schedule 2 list would categorize it with cocaine.  Cocaine is a drug that is illegal for the general public to possess and marijuana, as a Schedule 2 listed drug, would still be illegal for a person to possess.  So, if marijuana is illegal as a Schedule 1 drug and as a Schedule 2 drug for the general population, is Clinton’s proposal mostly a symbolic gesture.  presidential candidate Bernie Sanders believes that it is.

Will Clinton Modify her Stance on Marijuana Reform:

Although presidential candidate Bernie Sanders believes that Clinton’s campaign has made some progress on this topic, he does not believe that she has gone far enough.  Sander’s reports that criminal justice reform is also linked to marijuana reform.  The move Clinton suggests would still place tens of thousands of U.S. citizens behind bars for possessing marijuana.  Sanders remains adamant that marijuana must be removed from the federal Controlled Substance Act altogether so that people are not prosecuted by the federal government for marijuana possession.  Will Clinton modify her position once more on marijuana reform?  Based on public opinion which favors marijuana reform, it does not seem out of the question.



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