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Federal Government’s Spending Bill Addresses Medical Marijuana Reform; Marijuana Legalization Reform News Today


Decriminalization and Legalization of Marijuana in the United States 2015; Is the Tipping Point Here and Will Federal Prohibition End


Delaware takes action to Decriminalize Marijuana; Could Decriminalization Lead to an End to Federal Prohibition


Pittsburgh votes to decriminalize Marijuana; Philadelphia and Pittsburgh Both Take Action to Reform Marijuana Law


New Survey Findings Could Be Good for the Marijuana Reform Push in 2016; Marijuana Legalization News Review Today December 17, 2015


Marijuana Reform in the U.S. Leads to Questions Regarding Impairment; Chief Justice Rules in Arizona on Impairment Case


Should Student Be Punished for Having Legal Medical Marijuana; Arizona Medical Marijuana News Update Today December 15, 2015


Medical Marijuana To Treat Seizure Disorders; New Data Shows that Medical Marijuana Can Significantly Decrease Seizures


Marijuana Reform News Today December 14, 2015; Ben Carson and Donald Trump Talk Marijuana Legalization


Jeb Bush now says to decriminalize marijuana and give states the right to decide on marijuana reform issues; Bush falls in poll


California Marijuana Law News Update 2016; Sean Parker’s Marijuana Reform Initiative Just Grew Stronger


Bernie Sanders Wins Online Poll; Marijuana Reform News Update; Federal Marijuana Reform Would Happen if Sanders Wins Nomination


Federal Law and Legal Marijuana in the U.S.; Marijuana Reform News Review Today December 9, 2015


Oregon Postal Service Warns That Ads to Sell or Distribute Marijuana are Against Federal Law; Marijuana Reform News in Oregon Today



Medical and Recreational Marijuana Law in the State of Georgia, Marijuana Reform News Review Today


Fight Weight Gain by Passing Medical Marijuana Laws; Study Finds that Legal Marijuana Helps People Lose Weight


Will Canadian Prime Minister Follow through with Marijuana Reform or Will he be Another Politician with Lots to Say but little to Show


Legalized Marijuana in Uruguay Could be the Catalyst for Marijuana Reform Around the World



Unlike the U.S., Canada May be Taking the Fast Path to Marijuana Legalization; The World is Watching


Pittsburgh City Council to Talk Marijuana Decriminalization; Marijuana Reform News in Pennsylvania


Although Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau is an Advocate of Marijuana Reform, Police are Still Shutting Down Marijuana Shops Throughout Canada


California Marijuana Reform and the Money that Could Make it Happen; Should We Accept the Agenda Manipulation that is Likely to Come


Is Big Business Marijuana Reform Taking Over the Legalization Process in the U.S.; Former Director of the Marijuana Policy Project Thinks So



Marijuana Legalization Reform in the U.S. Sparking Product Development to Support the Reform Process


Legalized Marijuana in the State of Arizona; Recreational Marijuana Initiative for 2016 Ballot


Legalized Marijuana in 2016; The next State to Legalize Marijuana could be Nevada


Marijuana Reform to Continue in 2016; Hillary Clinton and Legalized Marijuana in the United States


Unemployment Benefits and Medical Marijuana Reform News; Should Benefits be Extended if a Person is Fired for Using Medical Marijuana


Mental Illness and Marijuana Use; Does Study Reveal that Frequent Use of Strong Cannabis Affects the Brain


Medical Marijuana Prescriptions, Recommendations and Ethical Responsibility of Doctors; Sanctions in Colorado Relate to Medical Marijuana


Black Friday Turns to Green Friday and Marijuana Sales in the U.S. Continues To Be Big Business; Is this Just the Beginning for Marijuana Reform


The U.S. Marijuana Industry is Growing and Making Money; Congress May Work to Support The Industry With Spending Bill


Thanksgiving and Marijuana in Oregon News Update; Is Acceptable Charity Based on the Giver


California Marijuana Legalization in 2016; Medical and Recreational Marijuana Reform News Today


Legal Recreational Marijuana in 2016; Arizona Marijuana Reform Process News and Notes



Rhode Island Marijuana Reform; The Marijuana Regulation, Control, and Taxation Act; Will Rhode Island be the Next to Make Recreational Marijuana Legal


Colorado Marijuana Sales News; Medical and Recreational Marijuana Tax Revenue is Huge; Reform Update


Marijuana Reform in Alaska; Recreational Use of Marijuana in Shops Considered; Control Board to Review Applications in 2016


House to Consider Medical Marijuana Reform Bill and Could Vote to Approve This Week in Pennsylvania; Philadelphia Decriminalizes Marijuana Possession


New York Medical and Recreational Marijuana Reform News; Legal Marijuana in New York Update


Director of DEA Says Medical Marijuana is a Joke; Marijuana Reform in the United States News Update Today


Legalized Marijuana in Nevada; Will Nevada be the Next State to Legalize Recreational Marijuana; Las Vegas Tourism and Marijuana Reform


Is the Business of Marijuana in the United States Fading Already?


Seattle Medical Marijuana Shops Shutting Down

Legal Marijuana in Canada; Canadian and American Marijuana Reform Runs Different Paths


Medical Marijuana Administered in New Jersey School; Marijuana Reform News Review Today


New Jersey Marijuana Reform News Review Today; Recreational Marijuana Laws in the U.S. and in New Jersey


Marijuana Reform news in Pennsylvania; Pittsburgh Closer to Medical Marijuana Reform


More research is needed to determine Benefits of Medical Marijuana; Marijuana Reform News Review Today



Federal Reform; Legislation that Would Open the Doors for Marijuana Reform in the U.S. News Review



Marijuana Reform News Today; Legislation for Federal Marijuana Reform Would Grow the Industry in Significant Fashion


Legal Marijuana in the State of Illinois; Recreational Marijuana Sales Begin; Marijuana Reform News Review Today


Current Push to Regulate Marijuana Sales in the State of Arizona; Medical and Recreational Marijuana Reform News 2015


Medical and Recreational Marijuana Reform in the United States; Can Data Support One Side of the Reform Argument?


Texas Veterans want to have the same access to Medical Marijuana as others in the U.S. Already Have; Marijuana Reform in 2015


Hillary Clinton Wants to Make Marijuana a Schedule 2 Drug so that More Research Can be Done; Is this a Gesture with No Teeth


Kentucky Governor, Republican Matt Bevin, Supports Medical Marijuana Reform in the State; Bevin Believes Marijuana Should be Available for Doctors to Prescribe



Veterans and Medical Marijuana Reform; VA Patients Look For Equal Rights Bill to Pass


Hillary Clinton’s Stance on Marijuana Reform is Fluid; Clinton Says the Federal Government Should Remove Marijuana from list of Schedule 1 Drugs


Medical Marijuana Sales in Illinois Begin; Qualifying Conditions and Dispensary Locations; Medical Marijuana Reform News 2015


Voters had a Big Issue with Issue 3 in the State of Ohio; Marijuana Reform News in the State of Ohio in 2015 and 2016


Push for Marijuana Reform in the State of Ohio will Continue Despite the most Recent Election Results


Problems with Pesticides Killing Honey Bees; Pollinators need Help and White House Task Force takes Action


AeroFarms Uses LED Grow Lights and Hydroponics to Grow in the Largest Indoor Grow Facility


LED Grow Light Market is Bright; Billions are Expected to Grow The Sector over the next Six Years


Grow In Space; LEDs in Space are Used to Grow Food on the International Space Station


Heliospectra Hits it Big In Las Vegas; LED Grow Light Installation Attracts Attention around the World


Outside Soil Contaminants Found by EPA; Elevated levels of Arsenic in outside soil Bad for Outdoor Gardeners


Composting with Horse Manure Helps Gardeners Grow Bigger and Better


Seasonal Affective Disorder; LED Short Wavelength Light Therapy for SAD


Composting News; Local Officials Cite the Benefits of Composting Leaves; Home Composting has Many Benefits like Saving Time and Money


LED grow lights Best for Space Grow; LEDs used to Grow Food for Astronauts in Space


Medical Marijuana Benefits and the Push to Legalize in the United States; Medical Marijuana Advocates Push for more Testing


Medical Marijuana and Autism; Michigan Mother Believes that Marijuana Can Help Her Son with Autism


Medical Marijuana Benefits are Minimized by Lack of Good Research and Data; Are Young Patients with Autism and ADHD Suffering as a Result?


LED Grow Light Popularity is on the Rise; LED Grow Light Innovations and Applications Lead the Way


LED Grow Light Technology; Asia Pacific Region to Experience Significant Growth in Marketplace


Medical Marijuana in the State of Montana; Medicinal Marijuana Dispenser Numbers Drop and Patients are Left Wondering What to Do


States Pass Legislation that Permits Recreational and Medicinal Use of Marijuana; Advocates Argue that Finance and Health Benefits Justify


Washington State Marijuana Laws; Could the State be a Model for the Rest of the Country as other States Consider Similar Legislation


Alaska Approves Medical and Recreational Marijuana Use; State Currently Working on Regulations for the Cannabis Industry


Alaska Works to Create Regulations for Marijuana Use; Recreational and Medicinal Regulations to be Developed by Marijuana Control Board


Medical and Recreational Marijuana News and Notes 2015 in Oregon; Medical Dispensaries May Now Sell Small Amounts of Marijuana


Pennsylvania takes steps to Legalize Medical Marijuana; House and Senate Work on Marijuana Legalization in 2015


Recreational Marijuana Sales in Oregon Begin; Recreational Pot is Free of Tax for Now but Eventual Tax Revenue Could be Significant


Medical Marijuana In the State of Illinois; Who is Seeking Medical Marijuana and who can Grow Marijuana in the State


California Medical Marijuana Regulation; Governor Signs Bills and the Medical Marijuana Industry Steps Forward


Medical Marijuana In the State of Illinois; Who is Seeking Medical Marijuana and who can Grow Marijuana in the State


Detroit City Council Works to Regulate the Medical Marijuana Industry and Business Around the City; Regulations Work to Make the Industry Legitimate


California Medical Marijuana Regulation Safety Act will Help to Regulate Marijuana Industry in the State; Medical Marijuana News 2015


Maine recreational and Medicinal Marijuana Reform and Political Marijuana News Review


Medical Marijuana in the State of Pennsylvania; New recommendations Made so Bill Can Pass the House and Senate


Ohio Moves Closer to Vote on Medical and Recreational Marijuana; Legalized Marijuana Could Bring Needed Tax Dollars


West Virginia Still Considering Legalizing Medical Marijuana; Action will likely Have to Wait for 2016 However


More Americans Support Legalized Marijuana in the United States, Recreational and Medical Marijuana News Today


A Revolution in the U.S. is Building; Medical Marijuana May Lead the Way to Change on Federal Marijuana Laws


Marijuana Industry In the United States is Officially Big Business, But Federal Law Makes it Difficult For the Market To Run Efficiently


Marijuana is Still a Schedule 1 Drug and this Classification Hinders Research; More Research is Needed on Medical and Recreational Marijuana in the United States


When will Medical Marijuana be Approved in Pennsylvania; Will Newest Bill Get the Votes Needed to Legalize Marijuana in Pa.


Republican Presidential Hopefuls and Marijuana Reform in the United States; Jeb Bush, Ben Carson and Donald Trump Speak Up


Democratic Candidates Weigh in on Legalized Marijuana in the U.S.; Sanders and Clinton Take a Stance on Medical and Recreational Marijuana


Classification of Marijuana Remains and Marijuana Use is Still Against Federal Law, When Will the Federal Government Make Marijuana Reform a Priority

Marijuana Reform in Ohio; Despite Support in the State for Reform, Voters Say no to Legal Marijuana


Mexico’s Marijuana Reform and Legal Marijuana Around the World; Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Legal Marijuana


Bernie Sanders Presents bill to the Senate that would end the Federal Ban on Marijuana, Could Marijuana Prohibition in the U.S. Soon


DEA Chief says that Medical Marijuana is a Joke; Despite Harsh Opinion, Marijuana Reform Moves Forward in the U.S.