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Fight Weight Gain by Passing Medical Marijuana Laws; Study Finds that Legal Marijuana Helps People Lose Weight

Medical Marijuana Reform News Review:

Legal marijuana in the United States is already a billion dollar market and legalization is just beginning.  The federal government has not yet changed its stance on marijuana as it still lists it as a Schedule 1 drug that has no medical benefit and can actually be dangerous to the user.  Despite this listing in the U.S., more and more states are joining the list of marijuana reform states.  Currently, 23 states in the U.S. permit the use of medical marijuana in some form, and 4 states have legalized the use of recreational marijuana.  The momentum continues to build for the reform process and new data suggests that using medical marijuana could help to cure obesity in the U.S.

Obesity in the U.S. and Medical Marijuana News Review Today December 8, 2015:

According to data posted recently in the Associated Press, obesity rates continue to rise among American adults.  Government research reveals that our recent efforts to fight obesity in the U.S. have not worked out as we had hoped.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention relays that almost 38 percent of adults in the U.S. are considered obese, which is up from rate of 32 percent from ten years prior.  So it appears that not only is the problem of obesity not stable in the U.S., it is actually getting worse.  Obese and overweight health issues is one of the top health problems in the United States, but now there is evidence to suggest that medical marijuana may help to ameliorate this problem.  Could this news support the advancement of marijuana reform throughout the U.S.?

Medical Marijuana Use Supports Weight Reduction:

According to a recent study published in the journal Health Economics, medical marijuana can actually help the U.S. fight its battle versus obesity.  The research was done at San Diego State University and Cornell University and they found that passing medical marijuana law at the state level can equal a 2 to 6 percent decline in obesity numbers.  The researchers analyzed over 20 years of data from states that have approved medical marijuana versus states that have not.  They included 5 million individual survey responses and found that states that had passed medical marijuana laws had notable declines in overall obesity rates and Body Mass Index factors.

Possible Reasons Medical Marijuana May Help People With Weight Reduction:

Medical marijuana is often prescribed for people with chronic pain.  The chronic pain minimized activity but medical marijuana minimizes the person’s chronic pain.  As a result, the person with chronic pain using medical marijuana becomes more active and burns more calories through activity.  Another reason medical marijuana may support weight lose is that its use may also be associated with a reduction of alcohol consumption.  For various reasons, medical marijuana users may substitute medical marijuana use for alcohol consumption which means less calorie intake for the user.

These findings are relatively new and will be reviewed by other research groups, but the general consensus is that the data will likely strengthen the marijuana reform agenda in the U.S.



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