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Detroit City Council Works to Regulate the Medical Marijuana Industry and Business Around the City; Regulations Work to Make the Industry Legitimate

Medical Marijuana is big Business and Policy Makers are Busy Forming Regulations for the Industry:

The medical marijuana industry has become a multi-million dollar industry in the U.S. and states are just beginning to get their feet wet with associated business.  The tax dollars that can be gained from revenues associated with the medical marijuana industry can be used to bolster many state facilities and programs.  This aspect is a primary one which entices more policy makers around the country to consider the positive potential of the industry.  As states move forward with the legalities tied to medical marijuana business, regulations must be developed.  Dozens of states in the U.S. are currently going through the process of forming, and or revising, formal regulations for the medical marijuana industry.  In Michigan, Detroit council members recently approved regulations for the production and sale of medical marijuana within city limits.  Detroit city is just one more region in the U.S. stepping forward with the legalization and legitimization of marijuana.

Detroit Council Acts to Add Regulation and Control of Medical Marijuana Businesses:

Currently, there are over one hundred marijuana shops operating around the city of Detroit and the business has been good.  Detroit city council members recently approved more formal regulations which will help to govern the medical marijuana business associated with these shops.  The regulations approved by the board include strict guidelines regarding medical marijuana shop operating hours, as well as a more intensive process of inspection.  Also, every shop will be subject to a background check and must obtain a license approved by the City Council.  If these regulations are not followed, the medical marijuana shop will risk being shut down by the city.  Although there are some who are not happy with all of the new regulations, the fact that the City Council continues to make proposals that work to manage a booming medical marijuana industry only serves to legitimize the business aspect of the industry.  It makes the medical marijuana industry subject to regulations that are similar to other legitimate business in the city.  There is always room for improvement and modification, but the council’s actions should work to ultimately strengthen a medical marijuana business in the city and will be viewed by other regulators in other cities and states as an example from which to learn.  Amendments can be made in the future, and this potential is a positive step forward for the growth and stability of the medical marijuana industry in the U.S.



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