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Colorado Marijuana Sales News; Medical and Recreational Marijuana Tax Revenue is Huge; Reform Update

Marijuana Reform Moves Ahead in the U.S.:

Marijuana reform continues to gain momentum in the United States and more states are set to consider reform in 2016.  Right now, there are 23 states that have approved legislation that opens the door to medical marijuana in some form, and 4 states that allow the recreational use of marijuana by adults over the age of 21.  Other states are looking to the states that have implemented legal changes as examples of how to approach the marijuana reform process in the United States.  States considering marijuana reform in 2016 not only want to know how the reform process is beneficial, but also if residents that voted for the reform still believe the process was worthwhile.  Recent analysis reveals that voters in once state still favor the change.

Voters Believe In Marijuana Reform Years After Initiating the Reform:

According to a recent Quinnipiac University Poll released this month, a majority of voters in Colorado still support the marijuana law changes that initially legalized marijuana in 2012.  Specifically, the poll revealed that 55 percent of voters in Colorado favor the legalization of marijuana and the regulated sale of marijuana.  41 percent of voters are opposed to the reform laws currently according to the same poll.  Another interesting point revealed in the poll findings is that the opinions seem to follow party lines.  A majority of Democrats believe in the reform, and a majority of Republicans oppose the reform process.  More male respondents favored the reform changes as did younger respondents according to poll results.  The support numbers have not changed significantly over the last couple of years, with those that support the marijuana reform process growing just slightly according to the Quinnipiac poll numbers.  On aspect of marijuana reform that plays a role in voter opinion is what it does for the state budget.  Based on revenue in Colorado, voters have millions of reasons to like the reform process.

Strong Revenue Numbers for Marijuana Sales in Colorado:

The state Department of Revenue released figures last month that showed marijuana sales, medical and recreational marijuana combined, reached beyond the $100 million mark for the first time ever in the state of Colorado.   The sales figures in 2015 have been routinely record setting and the most recent monthly sales stat is over double the sales numbers from Jan. 2014.  Last year, the state of Colorado brought in approximately $76 million in tax revenue.  This year, the tax revenue is already beyond the 2014 numbers.  The numbers are staggering and a big reason why voters remain happy with reform decisions.  The potential budget help will likely propel many other states to seriously consider the reform process in 2016.


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