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California Medical Marijuana Regulation; Governor Signs Bills and the Medical Marijuana Industry Steps Forward

California modifies Medical Marijuana Industry in the State:

California is taking action to further regulate the marijuana industry in the state.  A few states in the U.S. have recreational marijuana laws on the books at this point in time and about half of the states in the U.S. have medical marijuana laws listed.  These laws are relatively new for many states though and so it is a constant work in process to find the type of system which works best.  California recently made modifications to the medical marijuana laws in the state as policy makers and regulators search for the safest, most effective and efficient, and most beneficial framework for governing legalized marijuana.

Government takes Action to Regulate Marijuana:

Last Friday, Governor of California Jerry Brown, signed three bills into law which will help to regulate the medical marijuana industry in the state.  Many persons for medical and recreational marijuana in the state of California see this action as very positive.  Government regulation of the medical marijuana industry is viewed as a major step forward in the fight to legalize not only medical marijuana, but also the legalization of recreational marijuana in the state.  Governmental regulatory involvement legitimizes the business and this will likely open some doors and present additional opportunity for all associated with the process.

Regulation System in California:

Although California was the first state to pass laws legalizing medical marijuana in the U.S., it is still modifying the system.  Three bills were signed into law last week by Gov. Jerry Brown that will affect the regulation of medical marijuana in the state of California.  The medical marijuana industry is a billion dollar industry in the state and the aim of the new law is to help manage this industry more effectively and efficiently.  Gov. Brown reports that the new laws will continue to give patients access to medical marijuana, but will also provide a better method for tracking the industry and the businesses associated with the industry.  Another big move is that the new bills signed into law categorize medical marijuana as an agricultural product and therefore make the cultivation of the product subject to the same regulations on insecticides and water as other agricultural products in the state.  Many of the new regulations associated with the bills being signed wont take effect until January 1, 2018.  Government focus is heightened as the business of medical marijuana continues to grow in the state of California.






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