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Bernie Sanders Wins Online Poll; Marijuana Reform News Update; Federal Marijuana Reform Would Happen if Sanders Wins Nomination

Bernie Sanders Marijuana News Reform Update Today:

Bernie Sanders has made headlines during his presidential run due, in part, to his show of support for marijuana legalization.  In a way, he is similar to Prime Minister Trudeau in Canada.  Trudeau campaigned for marijuana reform on the national level and he won.  Prime Minister Trudeau is now in position to make marijuana legalization a reality all across Canada.  If Bernie Sanders were to gain office, it appears that he would take similar actions.  Sanders continues to stay in the headlines and he just won Time’s online Person of the Year poll.

Bernie Sanders Wins Online Poll:

Supporters of Bernie Sanders, as well as advocates for marijuana reform in the U.S.,  were happy to see Sander’s win the online readers’ poll.  Most publicity is good publicity and Sanders beat out some very high profile individuals in the poll.  He beat President Obama, as well as Yousafazai who won the Nobel Peace Price last year.  It should also be noted that Sanders beat out Hillary Clinton in the poll also with Hillary gaining approximately 1.4 percent of the vote and Sanders gaining approximately 10 percent of the vote.

Although Sanders and Clinton have both opened dialogue regarding marijuana reform in the U.S. during there debates, Clinton has been much more conservative on her views regarding reform potential in the U.S.  Clinton continues to take a wait and see approach towards marijuana legalization.  She believes that individual states should have rights to make their own informed decisions, but believes that more research is needed before informed decisions can be made on the pros and cons of legal marijuana use.  Sanders believes that the federal government should remove marijuana from its list of controlled substances so that each state would then be able to legally decide what to do with their marijuana law.

Bernie Sanders Files for Marijuana Reform:

Bernie Sanders is not a presidential candidate that is just about rhetoric, he has actually taken action already to induce marijuana reform in the United States.  Most recently, he filed S. 2237, the Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act.  Currently, under the Controlled Substance Act, marijuana is listed as a Schedule 1 substance alongside cocaine and heroin.  Given approval, the bill Sander’s supports would remove marijuana from this list of Schedule 1 substances which would open access to efficient marijuana reform all across the United States.  As I mentioned earlier in this article, Bernie Sanders and Prime Minister Trudeau are quite similar in their stance on national marijuana reform.  Now, like Trudeau, Bernie Sanders just has to win.


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