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Alaska Approves Medical and Recreational Marijuana Use; State Currently Working on Regulations for the Cannabis Industry

Only a Handful of States Have yet to Legalize Recreational Marijuana:

For years, states governments have debated the merits of legalizing marijuana and so far, only four states across the United States have taken action to do so.  Oregon, Colorado, Washington and Alaska have passed legislation of some form that makes it legal to use marijuana in a recreational fashion.  Alaska passed state specific legislation earlier this year that officially ended their marijuana prohibition.  So now, resident of Alaska who are over the age of 21 may use recreational marijuana, as long as they do so while following state specific regulations.

Alaska Approves use of Recreational and Medicinal Marijuana:

In Alaska, residents over the age of 21 may legally possess up to an ounce of marijuana and may grow as many as six marijuana plants in their homes.  Since the legislation passed earlier this year, not only have more citizens decided to grow the plants in their homes, but more applications are being made for business.  Shops wishing to sell marijuana for recreational use are in the works, but will not likely open until some time next year once the state has tailored a regulatory framework for the businesses to follow.  If the legalization of marijuana is successful and profitable in states like Alaska, other states across the U.S. will likely follow suit.

Alaska Moves away from Marijuana Prohibition:

The regulations set forth by the Marijuana Control Board in Alaska relay that marijuana cultivation facilities can cultivate marijuana for wholesale and produce marijuana extracts and products.  Quality control is required and marijuana testing facilities will test the marijuana products before they are sold to customers who are 21 years of age or older.  Despite this preliminary framework, many questions need answered and additional procedures must still be developed.  Governor Bill Walker put together the Marijuana Control Board MCB over the summer and the board now has until November to draft and adopt state wide regulations for the cannabis industry in the state.



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